My thoughts on the use and abuse of lens flares
June 15, 1999

Something that bothers me as much as Lens Flare overkill is Lens Flare fascism. The Lens Flare, like any other effect, has its place in adding realism to synthetic imagery.

Since everything filmed is filmed through a lens, the presence of the lens flare is habitually expected by the viewer despite the fact that it's technically a flaw. It's expected so much that a gross absence of it will make an image seem fake - especially when encapsulating live action footage contains flares.

And just because a few artists totally abuse the effect doesn't mean it should be abandoned by professionals. It's a tool like any other and should be used accordingly. Labeling it as passť is as erroneous as the indulgent overuse of it.

-- James --

All contents ©1999 James Coulter.

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